Insulted and Defeated SDS Party Irrationally Smearing Their Own Country


MEPs Milan Zver, Patricija Šulin in Romana Tomc, members of the European People's Party (EPP), addressed the opening session of the plenary during one-minute speech time, when MEPs can draw attention to issues important to them.

Zver said the election results were the sign of a "weak democracy" and a "consequence of the Patria trial farce, which has been coinciding with elections for the past six years."

"If we care at all for democracy and the rule of law, the EU should step into action in line with the…framework to strengthen and protect the rule of law in EU members," he added.

Šulin stressed that the SDS leader Janez Janša was wrongfully convicted and said that "such violations of basic human rights as well as miscarriages of justice are far from seldom in Slovenia".

Tomc said that Slovenians do not trust the judicial system. The European Commission agrees with that, according to her.

Their speeches were part of the ongoing series of protests against the incarceration of Janša, who is serving a two-year prison sentence.