International photography festival opening in Novo mesto

The third Fotopub festival will be staged in several locations in the south-eastern town. Similarly to previous years, it will revolve around group exhibitions and evening presentations of artists, while there will also be an accompanying musical programme, the organisers have said.

The festival, promoting new generations of artists, is focused on experimental and conceptual approach to art. "We prefer to speak of the art of photography and methods and technologies which depict reality and can be used in art in one way or another," Dušan Josip Smodej, who co-manages the festival, said in an interview with the Dnevnik newspaper.

The educational part of the festival will feature portfolio presentations of the photographers taking part in the festival, a book fair and an academic conference.

This year's exhibitions were put together by six international curators, and feature works by 20 artists and artist collectives from 19 countries.

The organisers decided to move the exhibitions from art galleries to various public spaces. "We are focusing on installations specific to their setting. They are made for a specific space and are only exhibited for a week," Smodej explained.

Fotopub will also be hosting exhibitions by their partner organisations – the Dutch Docking Station, the Italian Metronom Gallery and the Croatian Organ Vida international photography festival.

All Fotopub events will be free of charge. During the festival, which ends on Saturday, the visitors will be able to take a free bus ride from Ljubljana to Novo mesto and back.

The festival is supported by foreign organisations and some of foreign culture funds, like the Swiss and Dutch culture funds.