Janša: Ending Europe’s dependency on Russian energy “train with no return”

Brussels – Prime Minister Janez Janša urged ending Europe’s dependency on Russian energy as soon as possible, as he arrived at the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday afternoon. “This train is already on its way and has no return,” he said.

Slovenia supports the decision, which will be probably adopted today, that Europe frees itself of Russian energy as soon this is feasible, said Janša.

“This unfortunately doesn’t mean tomorrow. We support as fast a path as possible,” he said. “This train is already on its way and has no return. This will probably happen later than we wish, but much sooner than Russia wishes.”

Janša said that the European Commission will present some solutions today. “I can say that those of which we have already heard are effective to a large degree.”

Ways of the US helping out with liquefied gas was discussed earlier in the day with US President Joe Biden, who is Brussels.

Some proposals were also given by the Ukrainian side when Janša and his Polish and Czech counterparts visited Kyiv on 15 March, Janša said.

These proposals contain very efficient sanctions on which opinions in Europe practically do not differ, he said.

At the NATO summit, which was held before the EU summit, sanctions concerning military affairs were discussed. Janša said Russia buys certain dual-use products as civilian products but uses them for military technology.