Janša urges EU get rid of Russian energy ASAP

Paris – Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša called for the EU to end its reliance on Russian energy as soon as possible as he arrived for an EU summit in Versailles on Thursday. He condemned what he described as a series of crimes against humanity committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Asked by reporters how the EU would respond to the Russian bombardment of the maternity ward in Mariupol and whether time had come to ban imports of Russian gas and oil, Janša said it was not just the hospital’s bombardment but a series of crimes against humanity in Russian aggression on Ukraine.

He said an important decision that should be adopted by the EU was to exclude Russian energy products as soon as possible. He said Slovenia was not advocating setting any date, but merely the commitment that this should be done as soon as possible. “Talking about that happening in ten year’s time is an insult to those who are dying in the war,” he said.

The step is not simple but if the EU joins forces it has some stockpiles for turbulent times and then this can be done in a time when it can still affect Russia’s positions on Ukraine, he said.

Earlier, as he arrived at a meeting of the European People’s Party held ahead of the EU summit, Janša said that Russia was committing war crimes in Ukraine. “Anyone can see that it is against all conventions,” he said as quoted by Reuters.