Janša urges pre-election efforts at SDS annual get-together

Bovec – The leader of the ruling Democrats (SDS) Janez Janša addressed the party’s rank and file at the kick-off of their annual gathering near Bovec on Saturday, calling on the party’s members to step up in the 2022 election campaign.

The Slovenian prime minister told the get-together that the party had been successfully steering Slovenia through the Covid-19 epidemic for almost a year and a half.

As the super election year of 2022 is approaching, SDS members and supporters should highlight the party’s achievements in the pre-election period, Janša said.

He stressed the importance of solidarity, urging the participants of the gathering to get vaccinated as he believes Covid-19 vaccines are the only way to return to normal.

Since the start of the third Janša government term in March 2020, the SDS has been acting in line with the principle “the better for Slovenia, the better for the SDS”, the party’s head said, adding that SDS opponents had been meanwhile following the principle “the worse for Slovenia, the better for them”.

He highlighted that Slovenia was currently a successful country with high economic growth and low unemployment. New jobs are being created and even though the country’s debt has increased, it is financed at negative interest rates, he added.

Every SDS supporter should contribute to the election campaign, he said, convinced that the party would win the next election.

The gathering was also addressed by SDS deputy group head Danijel Krivec and the party’s secretary-general Borut Dolanc, among others.

The SDS organises the gathering, called the SDS summer camp, in the Posočje area in late July every year. The camp features various events and activities, including Sunday mass and hikes. As is tradition, participants will summit Mount Triglav on 7 August, the last day of the camp.