Lake Velenje to host first SoundGarden festival in July

Velenje – The first Slovenian edition of the SoundGarden festival, which aims to couple innovative business ideas with music and create a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, will take place at Lake Velenje in July. The organisers hope it will develop into an internationally acknowledged creative project.

The core of the festival, taking place from 8 to 11 July, are creativeness, innovativeness, motivation and the relaxed atmosphere of music festivals, say the organisers.

SoundGarden is based on the principle of info-sponging: a way to include business ideas from other sectors into one’s own trough creative networking. It gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a music-filled creative retreat and share their out-of-the-box business ideas with others.

The organisers are expecting a wide variety of new projects to gain ground at Lake Velenje as a new venue for various international events.

The festival is meant to be a hub for people from different sectors (tourism, sports, culinary arts, science, music, entrepreneurship) to collaborate and gain new insight in order to advance their business. The participants will be given a chance to brainstorm together and find alternative concepts to add value to their projects.

In addition to music as the backbone, SoundGarden will feature motivational speakers, exhibitions, workshops, business consultancy sessions, sports activities and networking.