Ljubljana Covid clinic suspends use of antibody treatment

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s main Covid treatment facility will suspend the use of monoclonal antibody treatment because it proved to be inefficient against Omicron, the head of the UKC Ljubljana Department of Infectious Diseases, Tatjana Lejko Zupanc, told the STA on Thursday.

Patients with the Delta variant can still receive the treatment, she said, as patients are tested to determine which variant they have been infected with. But when only Omicron will circulate in the population Regeneron will no longer be used.

So far, patients at risk of developing severe Covid symptoms, received Regeneron in the first seven days of infection.

More than 500 patients have so far received the drug at the Ljubljana hospital, with the treatment assessed as very successful.

The hospital also uses the antiviral drugs redemsivir and molnupiravir, for which there is no information of inefficiency against Omicron, Lejko Zupanc said.

She added they were still waiting for sotrovimab, paxlovid and a combination of long-acting antibodies.