Ljubljana to celebrate love and art

A poster and merchandise for LUV fest.
A new festival called LUV fest to open in Ljubljana. Photo: STA

A new festival celebrating Ljubljana as a romantic and cultural city is opening on Slovenian Culture Day, 8 February, and will run until St Gregory’s Day on 12 March, the Slovenian version of St Valentine’s Day.

LUV fest celebrates love, art and wandering, which is what the acronym LUV stands for in Slovenian. The organiser, Ljubljana Tourism Board, hopes the event will catch on and become traditional.

The festival will feature guided tours, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and performances, such as the open-air multimedia show River of Seven Names, about the Ljubljanica River and its mythological history.

During the festival visitors will be able to admire light installations around Ljubljana, take photos at picturesque spots, enjoy good food and meet dragons wandering around the city. There will be romantic boat rides on the Ljubljanica.

Several cultural institutions, artists, hospitality providers and others have joined in to organise a diversity of events and special packages for the locals and visitors to enjoy the festival.

On the eve of St Gregory’s Day on 11 March, visitors will be able to join children as they let their candle-lit paper boats sail down the Gradaščica river to celebrate the arrival of spring.

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