Ljubljana tourism figures up in 2021, still below pre-Corona level

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana recorded just over 415,000 tourist arrivals last year, an increase of almost 63% compared to the year before but more than 60% below the pre-Covid 2019, show figures by Tourism Ljubljana.

The statistics for nights show a similar picture: almost 867,000 stays were recorded, up 60% over the year before but 61% lower than in the record year 2019.

The plans were significantly more optimistic, with 610,000 arrivals and 1.34 million nights, but they were derailed by an “unequal restrictions policy” at the national and international level, according to Tourism Ljubljana.

In the first half of the year tourism activity was subdued before recovering in the summer. But the summer season ended in the first half of September due to the reintroduction of restrictions.