Lonely Planet names Slovenia among top 10 countries for 2022

Ljubljana – Slovenia has placed fifth on Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 countries to visit in 2022 as the travel brand highlights the country’s diverse gastronomy and numerous possibilities of active experiences.

Apart from Norway, Slovenia is the only European country to have made it to the annual round-up of must-visit countries worldwide, which is topped by the Cook Islands.

The 17th edition of the Best in Travel collection, which recommends top ten countries, cities and regions, has placed a special focus on sustainability. Its cover boasts a photo of the Slovenian coastal town Piran.

Slovenia is described as a green destination as its sustainable policy and natural riches are put front and centre.

“Slovenia is a world leader in being literally and figuratively ‘green’ with responsible travel being part of the Slovenia way of life for decades,” says Lonely Planet, noting the country gives priority to quality before quantity and local communities before consumerism.

Slovenia also remains innovative, having provided a number of new culinary treats and cycling experiences in the past year. Its never-ending efforts to come up with sustainable tourism strategies have placed Slovenia so high on this year’s list of hottest destinations and put the country on the cover of the latest Best in Travel, the travel guide book publisher adds.