Majority of Covid vaccination side effects mild and expected

Ljubljana – The National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) has received more than 5,000 reports of side effects after 586,000 people have been vaccinated with one dose and 306,000 with both jabs in Slovenia. However, only 77 of the reported side effects were serious, such as death and vein thrombosis or the need for hospitalisation for various reasons.

At least 570,000 jabs with the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine have been administered (first and second jabs), and a total of 2,684 side effects reported.

The report NIJZ releases weekly also shows that one report, that is a report for one person, usually features several undesired side effects.

Until 16 May, NIJZ registered 46 reports with serious side effects after the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccination, or 1.7% of all reported side effects for this vaccine.

Sixteen elderly persons with a number of underlying chronic conditions died after being vaccinated.

However, a Health Ministry commission processed five of the cases to find the link with vaccination was not very unlikely or was unlikely.

Another eight cases which warranted hospitalisation were also processed. In some of the cases, the link to vaccination was deemed not very likely or unlikely.

The rest of the death and hospitalisation cases are still being studied.

Of the 85,000 jabs with the Moderna vaccine, NIJZ received 116 reports of side effects, of which six cited serious side effects, which is 5.2% of all reports.

Two elderly persons suffering from chronic conditions died; in one case, the person received the jab during the coronavirus incubation period, developed Covid pneumonia and died.

In another four serious side effects reported there were two vein thrombosis, one difficulty breathing and one stroke. All four cases are still being studied.

As for the AstraZeneca vaccine, 2,180 reports of side effects were sent to NIJZ while at least 160,000 jabs were administered.

Twenty-five reports were about serious side effects, which is 1.1% of all reports with this vaccine.

Three persons with chronic conditions died after receiving the vaccine, while there were also several reports when the person had to be admitted to hospital.

In three of the hospitalisation cases, the link with vaccination was not very likely and in one case the person had an allergic reaction.

At least 9,000 persons have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson, but NIJZ received only 23 reports of side effects, most frequently fever, headache, and muscle pain.