Majority stake in newspaper Primorske Novice sold

Koper – Splošna Plovba, a Portorož-based shipping company in German ownership, has sold its 52.45% stake in media company Primorske Novice to three companies – Svet24, Salomon and Curator Nova.

Svet24 is a tabloid and a news portal owned by media company Media24, just like classifieds magazine and news portal Salomon.

The Koper-based regional newspaper Primorske Novice, which was launched 74 years ago, also has a news portal.

Its director Patricije Ukmar hopes the sale will result in successful cooperation with the new owners.

“I believe this synergy will bring many positive effects for the company,” she is quoted on the news portal as saying.

Primorske Novice journalists believe the change in ownership will by no means encroach upon the editorial autonomy of the newspaper, it should in fact enhance it.

“We are committed to the public, our readers, and we want to continue promoting the role that the independent media outlet has in a democracy,” they added in a statement.

Splošna Plovba had been selling the stake the most widely read Slovenian regional newspaper for quite some time.

The paper’s owners are also Koper utility company Marjetica (17%), newspaper Dnevnik (12%), port operator Luka Koper (11%), Forma Inn (7%) and several smaller owners.