Mayor urges citizens to get vaccinated, as cemetery not to be extended

Ljubljana – Some Slovenian mayors seem to be quite innovative in inviting citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and in fighting low local vaccination rates. Ivan Benčina, the mayor of a small municipality in the south, urged citizens to get a jab in a rather humorous way, by noting that no extension of the cemetery was planned this year.

The mayor’s call was published on the website of the municipality of Loški Potok a few days ago after coronavirus reappeared there following a long period of no infections.

The mayor told the STA today he wanted to urge people to think about what experts were saying, and what was in store if their recommendations were not followed.

He admitted though that the call had so far not led to any major rise in the interest in vaccination. But he believes summer holidays also played a role and that more people will get a jab in the autumn months.

“I cannot be satisfied with the current situation. If the vaccination rate was higher, there would be less chance of another lockdown and restrictions. But unfortunately, this is how it is and I have a feeling that the biggest victim of Covid is common sense,” Benčina told the STA.

The Loški Potok municipality has just over 1,800 residents and due to new coronavirus infections, it is on the list of red municipalities. Currently, there are around eight active cases there, so the situation is improving.

Since the start of the epidemic, 253 cases have been recorded in the municipality, according to data provided by the National Institute of Public Health. But with just over 43% of its population fully immunised, Loški Potok is close to the national average of 44%.