More people vaccinated or interested in vaccination

Ljubljana – Pollster Valicon’s latest survey shows that although the situation has improved, public mood is still a long way from the life before the epidemic and even from last summer. On the other hand, motivation to get vaccinated has increased alongside the vaccination rate.

One year after the first wave of the epidemic was declared over in Slovenia, and at a time when the epidemiological situation in the country is improving markedly, Valicon has presented the latest findings of their recurring #Novanormalnost (#Newnormal) survey.

The latest measurement has shown the highest ever level of realised and expressed intention to get vaccinated, which stands at 62%, up two ponts from the previous measurement 14 days ago.

The proportion of already vaccinated people has also increased significantly in the last two weeks, while the proportion of people who have definitively decided against vaccination remains at 19%.

The latest measurement also looked at what motivated those who had already been vaccinated or were certain to get vaccinated, as well as the reservations of those who were undecided and those determined not to be vaccinated.

Among those who have already been vaccinated, the predominant answers are protection against disease or infection (41%) and protection of others (22%).

Among those who will certainly get vaccinated, in addition to protecting themselves (34%) and others (13%), the main reasons for getting the shot are being able to travel and cross borders without limits (15%) and a return to normal life (13%).

Among those who are against vaccination, the prevailing opinion is that the vaccines are experimental (32%), that they do not trust them (28%), while some do not believe in the coronavirus (16%), or believe that they do not belong to a risk group (13%).

This confirms the theory that a higher vaccination rate will have a positive impact on those who are less likely to be vaccinated, as well as the assessment that those who are strongly against vaccination are mostly unreachable, Valicon commented on the survey results.

A total of 507 people took part in the survey, which was carried out between 28 and 30 May.