Most accidents in ski resorts caused by speed

Ljubljana – As many as 318 accidents were formally reported from Slovenian ski resorts in the 2020/2021 season, involving 322 skiers and snowboarders, according to data posted on the website of the Interior Ministry. 53% of all injured persons were men.

The accidents happened at 17 ski resorts, most often because of speed, followed by poor skiing skills, falls and fatigue, data from the ministry’s inspection service shows.

Of all the persons involved in the accidents, as many as 238 sustained injuries, 63 sustained severe injuries and one skier “particularly” severe injuries.

Most of the injuries were contusions, followed by fractures and sprains.

In 267 cases, injuries were a result of a fall, while 33 accidents happened when one skier crashed into another.

Most of the skiers got injured while skiing, followed by snowboarding.

The share of Slovenian skiers involved in accidents rose from the previous seasons to stand at around 97% of all the injured.

The rest were foreigners from Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Spain, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The majority of the injured were aged 11 to 20 years, followed by children aged 10 or less.