New Taxes on the Horizon

Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) president Karl Erjavec proposed introducing a temporary "crisis tax" levied on a progressive scale on wages and pensions in excess of 700 euros.

Erjavec said such a tax had already been discussed by the coalition. He expects the final decision on 6 May, when the coalition finalises the measures it will present to the EU as part of the Stability Programme.

He said such a tax would be fair, as it would be levied on all taxpayers, not just public sector workers and pensioners.

Social Democrats (SD) leader Igor Lukšič meanwhile proposed at a separate press conference the introduction of several new taxes.

These include inheritance and property tax, as well as higher taxes on financial transactions.

"Raising taxes is four times more successful than reducing spending," he said.

Lukšič believes offshore tax heavens should also be tackled and greater oversight established in cash transactions.