NGO collects necessary signatures for repeal of several laws in one day

Ljubljana – The 8 March Institute has already collected enough signatures to introduce a bill aimed at repealing several government-sponsored laws that the NGO finds harmful. The campaign started on Wednesday and the minimum threshold of signatures, 5,000, was crossed already that day, said the NGO, which aims to get 60,000 signatures.

The bill, tabled by the 8 March Institute two weeks ago, has received support by a number of civil society organisations, centre-left opposition parties and the new party Freedom Movement, which is considered to be the ruling Democratic Party’s main rival.

To launch the legislative process for the bill the NGO is required to collect at least 5,000 signatures, an amount that was already surpassed on the same day the nationwide campaign started. It will run until 28 May, and the NGO would like to collect 60,000 signatures.

“We want to show that we care. We want to eliminate the harmful changes of the current government and show how many of us are fighting for this,” Maja Koražija, a member of the NGO, said in Sunday’s press release.

Since the collecting of signatures began, the NGO has been under pressure from the authorities, the press release notes. Representatives of the coalition claim that the campaign is illegal because it is, they say, part of an unregistered election campaign ahead of the 24 April general election.

The 8 March Institute has also received a request for clarification from the Internal Affairs Inspectorate, but the NGO is not a party and is not running an election campaign, said Neža Dvorščak, who is with the organisation.

The NGO, one of the organisations that had campaigned against changes to the waters act last year that were then decisively defeated in the July referendum, unveiled an app this week together with the taxi drivers’ union that will allow those who find it difficult to get to the polls to get a ride there by taxi drivers or other volunteers.