NSi determined to oppose gay adoptions

Ljubljana – The opposition New Slovenia will use all legal means available to oppose the Constitutional Court’s recent decision to allow gay couples to get married and adopt children and its ramifications, including any changes to the family code that will be based in this ruling, the party’s deputy group leader Janez Cigler Kralj said on Wednesday.

The court has recently ruled unconstitutional and discriminatory the provisions that do not allow homosexual couples living in civil union to jointly adopt kids.

Until the National Assembly remedies the situation in six months, the ruling stands as the law giving gay couples the same rights in this respect.

Cigler Kralj noted in a statement to the press that the nine judges did not have the same view on the matter.

Highlighting two dissenting opinions, he said it was precisely because of the strength of Rok Svetlič and Klemen Jaklič’s reasoning that the court’s joint reasoning was not convincing.

There is no such thing as “the right of adults to adopt children”, said Cigler Kralj, the previous minister of labour, family, social affairs and equal opportunities.

“On the contrary, a child has the right to be adopted into the most optimal family”, which is that of a mother and a father, he added.

Since the ruling concerns the “delicate issues of the best interests and the greatest rights of the child”, such issues should be addressed primarily from “the aspect of the rights and best interests of the child”, he added.

Labour Minister Luka Mesec, whose Left party advocates gay rights, announced last week that legislative changes to remedy the unconstitutionality would be drafted in a week or two.