NSi leader lauds party for efficiency

Kamnik – Matej Tonin, the defence minister, praised his Christian democratic party for its efficiency in delivering on its promises as he addressed the annual get-together of New Slovenia (NSi) in his home town Kamnik on Saturday.

“Many would deride us in the past as if to say what did they know, what could they do those NSi […] Well, look at us now, thanks to our work many Slovenians live better today, and demonstrably better,” Tonin said.

He praised the NSi as a party of action. “Everyone driving through the Tuhinj valley or through Kamnik can see for themselves the EUR 5 million that Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec has invested in roads,” he said.

He went on to list further projects in Kamnik; an expansion of a care home, for “which we have provided EUR 3.6 million”, a school for which the state secured EUR 2.3 million, refurbishment of a cultural centre and police station.

He urged voters to turn out at the polls on 24 April to say a decisive no to those “who will mainly take away from us”. The decision should be simple: “On the one hand you have the efficient team of the NSi, and on the other you have a whole phalanx of parties that advocate revanchism, nationalisation and higher taxes.”

The NSi will fight relentlessly for four things; “our way of life, to preserve the values Slovenia has grown up on and Slovenianhood”, letting the economy to realise its full potential rather than stifle it with high taxes and red tape, accessible healthcare and “more joy of life” to reverse the demographic trends.

All ministers from the NSi ranks are standing for seats in parliament; Tonin and Infrastructure Minister Vrtovec, as well as Labour Minister Janez Cigler Kralj and Minister of Digital Transformation Mark Boris Andrijanič and Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek, who entered the government as a member of the Pensioner’s Party (DeSUS), which later quit the ruling coalition.