Pahor calls for EU unity in address to diplomats

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor addressed a meeting of foreign diplomats accredited to Slovenia on Friday, calling for strengthening the EU’s unity and stability.

The meeting of the diplomatic corps was hosted by the corps’s doyen Jean-Marie Speich, the apostolic nuncio to Slovenia, to mark the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence and its second presidency of the EU.

In his address, Pahor said Slovenia could be proud of what it had achieved in its 30 years. “Our path to independence followed two main principles – peaceful resolution of disputes through dialogue and talks and respecting the rule of law,” he said as quoted by his office in Slovenian.

He also noted a high level of unity at key moments. “We were aware that the goal – an independent and sovereign country can only be attained by way of dialogue, compromises and unity,” he said, adding that those principles remain vitally important today.

Pahor listed some of Slovenia’s achievements, including succeeding to develop good relations with the neighbouring and other countries.

He described the EU as “the most important and beautiful story that has happened to our continent”, adding: “We must do all in our power to enhance the unity and stability of the European Union.”

Pahor repeated his call for the EU’s enlargement to the Western Balkans, saying the delay of the process contributed to the instability in the region. He said the process would also make it easier to face the pandemic and its economic and social consequences, climate change and security challenges.