Pahor receives reps of Slovenian community in Argentina

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor received in Ljubljana on Wednesday representatives of Zedinjena Slovenija (United Slovenia), the umbrella organisation of Slovenians in Argentina.

The organisation’s president Jure Komar and secretary Marjana Poznič handed to Pahor a publication entitled Zdaj Gre za Slovenijo! (It Is About Slovenia Now), which Zedinjena Slovenia published to mark the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence, the president’s office said.

The publication focuses on steps that led to the independence and includes reactions to these efforts published in the Argentinian paper Svobodna Slovenija (Free Slovenia), reflections on independence and contributions on the celebrations of the anniversary.

The president has been in regular contact with the representatives of the organisation since 2016, when he became the first Slovenian president to officially visit Argentina and the Slovenian community there, Pahor’s office added.

In 2021, Pahor awarded to Zedinjena Slovenia the Silver Order of Merit for its role in Slovenia’s independence efforts and international recognition and for its efforts in over 70 years to preserve the Slovenian identity among Slovenians in Argentina.