Pahor speaks with Erdogan on the phone on war in Ukraine

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor discussed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the importance of Ukraine-Russia negotiations hosted by Turkey in Tuesday’s telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The presidents also reaffirmed the good and friendly bilateral relations, the president’s office announced.

The conversation came after the two presidents agreed at a bilateral official meeting in Antalya in March to hold regular consultations on the progress in the Turkey-hosted negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

Erdogan assessed the possibilities for a peaceful resolution of the dispute, and Pahor thanked the Turkish president for his sincere efforts to end the war as soon as possible and to settle the dispute through diplomatic channels.

In Pahor’s opinion, this is exceptionally important, as the intensity of war crimes is increasing by the day, as could be witnessed a few days ago in Bucha near Kyiv.

The Turkish president said that in light of the Turkish mediation between Ukraine and Russia, it would be useful to organise an EU-Turkey summit in the coming months, Pahor’s office added.

Erdogan thanked Pahor for attending the Antalya Forum last month and for the Slovenian government’s decision to put Turkey on the list of safe countries. He also expressed satisfaction with Pahor receiving the Turkish foreign minister and speaker last month.

Pahor said that he was looking forward to his official visit to Turkey, which is scheduled for the end of the summer, and said he was particularly honoured to be able to appear before the diplomatic corps on this occasion, the office said.