Pahor urges new parliament to find common ground on key issues

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor called on fresh MPs to build consensus on key issues as he warned that the new parliament and government would be taking office in a testing time.

“There’s no reason to be afraid if we can – allowing for customary political divergence – find common ground on the most important matters of the state,” he told the new parliament on Friday.

He noted that just as the health crisis had ended, the war in Ukraine had started and optimistic forecasts about global economic recovery had been tampered.

“Together with our partners and allies in the EU and NATO, we’re going to have to thoroughly and wisely deliberate on how to proceed together,” he said.

Pahor however noted that Slovenia had emerged from the health crisis in better shape than it was after the economic and financial crisis and had favourable opportunities for development, as he thanked outgoing government of Janez Janša “for its work in demanding circumstances and our good cooperation.”

“How successful we will be largely depends on what kind of social climate we manage to create. Will we inspire respect and cooperation, or contempt and exclusion? The answer depends on us and us alone.”