Pahor warns against cutting funding to some institutions

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor attended a session of the Judicial Council on Thursday, focussing on the passing of the 2022 budget bill, which cuts funding to some independent state institutions. Pahor said the way in which budget funding had been reduced could be seen as efforts to weaken these institutions.

He said he would strive to raise the issue with those in charge and call for a solution, the president’s office said.

Pahor attended today’s session of the Judiciary Council at the invitation of the council’s president, Vladimir Horvat. This is the first time in Slovenia’s 30-year history that the president has visited the institution, Pahor’s office noted.

Horvat also presented the council’s annual report to the president.

Pahor said in his address at the session that 30 years ago Slovenia had been built on democracy. The branches of power are separated but this does not mean they are isolated. The dialogue between them must be respectful, reserved and constructive, and the dignity and independence of the other branch of power must be respected, he said.

The functioning of institutions is not enough for a full democratic life of the society and state, as it must be upgraded with a high level of legal and political culture. And this is what Slovenia lacks now, he said.

The officials also exchanged views on the state of the rule of law, the reputation of judiciary and the role of the president and the Judicial Council.