Paloma big winner of Slovenian comedy festival

Celje – Paloma, a comedy based on a Yugoslav-era toilet paper factory, won three major awards as the 30th Days of Comedy wrapped up on Saturday evening; it was declared the best production, while Tamara Avguštin and Stane Tomazin became the finnest comedy actress and actor, respectively, for their four roles they play in it.

The play was written by Brina Klampfer and Kaje Blazinšek, with Klampfer also directing it for Mladinsko Theatre, AGRFT and KUD Krik.

The Finest Director award went to Juš A. Zidar for Pošta (Post Office). He directed this absurd tragic comedy about frustrated postal workers as a metaphor for the stupidities of present times for Drama SNG Maribor.

The audiences of the festival, which opened on 15 March and brought nine comedies from the past two seasons, chose The Famous Goat Trial of Višnja Gora as their favourite.

The Slovenian classic satire from 1867 written by Josip Jurčič was directed by Luka Marcen for the Celje Slovenian People’s Theatre, which organises the festival.