Parliament to decide on energy relief package on 21 Feb

Ljubljana – The National Assembly will take a decision on the government package to mitigate the impact of high energy prices on households and businesses at an emergency session on 21 February. It will also decide whether to ban a referendum on Boxer APCs.

The EUR 200 million package includes aid for roughly 14,500 businesses and farmers worth a combined EUR 70 million, and an EUR 108 million energy voucher scheme for households.

Some 710,000 beneficiaries will be eligible for EUR 150 energy vouchers, including recipients of income support and welfare, large families, pensioners with under EUR 1,000 in pensions, the disabled, and some other vulnerable groups.

Households’ power bills will be reduced for three months for the cost of network fees, and excise duties on electricity and fuels will be reduced to the lowest possible rate.

Under a decision taken by the college of deputy group leaders on Friday, the package will be rushed through parliament.

The chamber will also decide on a proposal not to allow a referendum, sought by the opposition Left, on a law ratifying an agreement with the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation under which the government is planning to buy 45 Boxer armoured personnel vehicles.

Other items on the agenda include a bill on emergency measures in support of the labour market and amendments to the investment promotion act designed to stimulate green investments. These two will be fast-tracked too.