Parliamentary Session Starting with Q&A

However, the focus of the session, which will run until Thursday, will be on emergency austerity measures to be debated on Tuesday.

Over forty questions have been announced for Q&A time, the bulk dealing with the consequences and measures for fighting the economic crisis.

The questions will thus range from the financial effects of the planned VAT rise, the government's dealing with Slovenia's ailing banking system, measures to revive the economy and to state aid to troubled companies.

The prime minister will be quizzed about the planned privatisation, the salvaging of banks, the sale of Slovenian bonds and measures to kick-start growth.

However, questions time is expected to be interrupted, as Bratušek and four ministers are slated to sign a deal with trade unions in the afternoon.

The deal will allow emergency changes to the public sector pay system law, as well as changes to the judges and state solicitor acts, which will include the two groups in the newest austerity measures in the public sector.

The three tweaks will be debated in emergency procedure on Tuesday, along with changes to the 2013 and 2014 budget implementation act.