Parliamentary Vacations are Over

In line with the parliamentary rules of procedure, a resignation of a minister must be put on the National Assembly's agenda within seven days after the official notification.

Accordingly, the session at which the MPs will be formally acquainted with Kresal's resignation must be held on 24 August. The National Assembly's summer recess normally lasts until 31 August.

Kresal stepped down last Wednesday after the Corruption Prevention Commission said it had found elements of corruption in the controversial lease of a building for the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) from her acquaintance.

A day earlier the Court of Audit issued an adverse opinion on the lease. Kresal offered her resignation immediately after, but the prime minister declined to accept it.

Kresal also announced last week that she would seek a vote of confidence as the leader of the Liberal Democrats (LDS), the only remaining coalition partner to the Social Democrats (SD). Head of the LDS council Anton Anderlic said the meeting taking a confidence vote would be held next week.

SD MPs will also be meeting next week, according to head of the party's deputy group Dusan Kumer. Talks on the current political situation are being held also during the summer recess, he added.

SD spokesperson Denis Sarkic also confirmed for the STA that the party was to hold special meetings to discuss the possibility of a snap election.