Parsifal poll has SDS in lead

Ljubljana – The final pre-election poll by pollster Parisfal brought only minor changes compared to a week ago, still putting the Democrats (SDS) ahead of the Freedom Movement and the SocDems. New Slovenia (NSi), the Left and Connecting Slovenia are projected to make it to parliament too, while the LMŠ, SAB,, Our Land, SNS and DeSUS are not.

When only counting the respondents who picked one of the parties, the poll, conducted for Siol, Nova24TV and Planet TV, gives the ruling SDS 28.7%, a 3.2 percentage point increase compared to a week ago. The newly established Freedom movement, which is expected to lead a centre-left bloc, got 27.4%, an improvement of 6.4 points

The SD in third place got 7.7%, down 2.9 points, New Slovenia (NSi), the SDS’s coalition partner, lost 0.9 points to 6.7%, the Left shed 1.8 points to 6%, while the last party still above the 4% threshold is Connecting Slovenia – the newly formed centre-right alliance lost 1.5 points to 4.2%.

The LMŠ, the party of former PM Marjan Šarec, which is currently part of the centre-left opposition along with the SD, Left and Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB), received 3.9%, the anti-vaccination party, which was at 4.4% a week ago, 2.9% and SAB 2.5%. All other parties polled below 1% when only counting respondents who picked one of the parties.

When also factoring in undecided or reluctant respondents, the SDS got 19%, the Freedom Movement 18.5%, the SD 5.2%, the NSi 4.6% and the Left 4%. Connecting Slovenia received 2.9%, the LMŠ 2.6%, 1.9% and SAB 1.7%.

The poll, carried out between 19 and 21 April, had 24.% of the 1,030 respondents say they did not know who to vote for. 4.1% said they would not go to the polls and 1.9% said they would not vote for any of the parties listed.