Perutnina Ptuj posts record sales of EUR 294m last year

Ptuj – The poultry group Perutnina Ptuj posted EUR 294 million in sales revenue in 2020, a new record and 3% increase on the year before. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) were up 7% to EUR 47.7 million, the company has reported.

The group that was taken over by Ukrainian Holding MHP in early 2019 posted a net profit of EUR 31 million and hired additional workers last year, increasing the workforce by 190 to almost 3,900.

The core company based in Ptuj, which employs 1,900 people, saw its sales revenue stay flat last year at EUR 177 million, while EBITDA was record-high at EUR 27 million, or EUR 4.8 million higher than in 2019. Net profit stood at EUR 18.5 million.

Perutnina Ptuj director general Enver Šišić said in the annual report that 2020 had been an extraordinary, specific and dynamic year full of challenges for the group, which had been successfully turned into opportunities.

“We are proud that we did not suspend production for a single day and that we managed to deliver every kilo of ordered goods,” added the head of the group that last year generated 68% of revenue in foreign markets.

The group continued to invest last year, with investments increasing by 88% compared to 2019 to EUR 21.6 million.