Picture book in Romani published by juvenile hall

Radeče – The juvenile correctional facility in Radeče published a picture book in November, entitled Šu Čibele/O čebelah (About Bees), which is a compilation of three fables that were translated from Slovenian into Romani by one of the minors at the facility, the Slovenian Prison Administration said.

With the help of the institution’s psychologist, the youngster translated three fables about bees from Slovenian into Romani and added his own illustrations to the text.

According to the administration, the idea for the picture book had been developed over a longer period of time and was the result of individual work with the minor.

It added that the youngster had previously demonstrated talent and interest in literary and artistic pursuits, as the Radeče facility had already published his poetry collection in the summer.

The administration said that it would distribute the Šu Čibele picture book to children’s corners in several prisons in December.