PM Golob visits Constitutional Court

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Robert Golob visited the Constitutional Court on Monday and met its president Matej Accetto, saying in a statement to the press afterwards that this was an introductory meeting which he believes was “useful for both sides”.

“It was interesting to find out on which points their views are in line with ours, so that we can implement these things as soon as possible in the future,” said Golob.

He rejected the idea the visit could be seen as an attempt by the government to influence the judiciary. “On the contrary, we kept silent and they did all the talking.”

Golob moreover stressed that the government’s purpose is to strengthen the autonomy of the judiciary. He finds it important for the government to engage in dialogue with all institutions.

Today he also met with Slovenian central bank Governor Boštjan Vasle because the government wants to work constructively with all institutions and will continue to do so in the future.

Golob welcomed the recent ruling in which the Constitutional Court found discrimination of same-sex couples in not being allowed to get married and adopt children.

“We welcome the decision and we actually want to adopt as soon as possible a family code that we believe follows the Constitutional Court’s decision.”

Last Friday, the government adopted changes to the family code in line with the court’s decision sending the bill to parliament to be passed in a short procedure.

Even before the government adopted the changes, the opposition New Slovenia (NSi) said it would do all in its power to prevent such changes. Golob declined to comment on this today saying the bill is already in parliamentary procedure.