PM wishes solidarity, compassion and hope in Christmas address

"Christmas time is time of homeliness. It is the time we spent with our closest ones. It is the time when we dedicate more attention to each other", Cerar said in the address published by his office on Sunday.

"We live in a world of fast changes and, unfortunately, and too often we dedicate our attention to all those things which are really of secondary importance in life. This is why the message Christmas sends is to important," he added.

According to Cerar, the Christmas eve is the time to remember all those who are not fortunate to spend the holiday in peace and with their families, to remember the sick, the lonely and all others who are in any sort of distress.

The prime minister noted that we also should remember and thank those who are kept from celebrating the holiday in the comfort of their homes by their professional duties.

"Let the Christmas time be full of beautiful moments, warm words and noble deeds," Cerar concluded.