Police shoot runaway bull near Žalec

Celje – A runaway bull caused chaos and panic in the area around Žalec on Monday after escaping from a farm near Šmartno ob Paki several days ago. When the bull was found, police officers tried to restrain it, but to no avail. As it became aggressive and dangerous, they were forced to shoot it, the Celje police said on Tuesday.

The enraged bull escaped from a farm near Šmartno ob Paki several days ago. Despite searching, its owner was not able to find it.

The bull was then spotted on Monday afternoon as it frightened several people in Polzela, Založe and the surrounding villages near Žalec.

Two people were attacked, but both managed to evade and escape the bull.

When the police arrived, they tried to restrain the animal, but to no avail, so they were forced to shoot it.

The Celje Police Department said on Tuesday that no citizen had been in danger in the process.

According to information gathered so far, nobody was injured by the bull, which however caused damage to several fences and buildings.