Poll shows Slovenians increasingly distrustful of media

Ljubljana – Slovenians are increasingly distrustful of the education system and teachers and the media and journalists with the public broadcaster RTV Slovenija sinking most in their regard, a poll conducted by Valicon suggests.

The Covid-19 epidemic caused major shifts in public trust in institutions and professions, but as the police and healthcare and doctors have since regained some trust in the eyes of the public, media and education keep loosing it.

Slovenian small businesses continue to top the ranking of trustworthy institutions, the level of trust in which has increased further since the last poll in October 2021 to 65 on the scale of -100 to +100.

Civil Protection remains the second most trusted institution, at +53, followed by the companies or institutions the respondents work in, at +44, and Slovenian large companies, at +22.

Since the same survey was conducted a year ago, public trust in the education system has halved from +33 to +16, which puts it on a par with retail companies.

Healthcare, the police force and army trail further behind even though the police and healthcare have regained some trust lost in the poll in October 2021, but not to the levels seen a year ago.

Among the institutions with a negative rate of trust, which means they are distrusted by more respondents than trust them, the head of state and banks regained most trust, up by 14 and 13 points, respectively.

The public broadcaster lost most trust, as much as 24 points to -38, which is the level last seen at the end of 2019.

Substantial deteriorations have also been recorded by the parliamentary speaker (with a rate of -51), media (-2) and after a period of improvement by courts as well (-31).

Trailing at the bottom of the list of institutions are “social network posts” (-77), the National Assembly (-63), ruling coalition parties (-61), the government (-58) and the prime minister (-56).

The most trusted professions include firefighters, nurses and paramedics, as well as scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors and teachers.

The lowest level of trust is inspired by ministers, civil servants, priests, business executives, judges, lawyers and journalists.

The survey was conducted based on an online panel of respondents between 25 March and 4 April involving 1,000 respondents.