Poll: Three Quarters of Slovenians Say Pension Cuts Unjustified

Broken into party affiliations, the government's move is backed by 48% voters of the ruling Democrats (SDS), while 93% of voters of the opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) are against the cuts.

Quizzed about early general election, a motion mentioned by the opposition Social Democrats (SD) last week, 58% of the respondents said that they were against it, while 26% supported the idea.

Early election was largely opposed to by the elderly (67%) and voters of SDS (90%) and the junior coalition People's Party (SLS; 80%). On the other hand, those supporting the PS (48%) and the SD (45%) were more prone to allow the parties to engage in an early campaign.

Slovenians are on the other hand looking with more favour on interpellation motions against Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič and Interior Minister Vinko Gorenak, as 41% of the respondents said they were for the motions and 34% said they were against.

A bit more than a third of Slovenians would endorse changes to the labour legislation, while almost half of them are against it, suggests the poll conducted by Delo's in-house pollster Delo Stik on 4 and 5 July among 500 adults.

While supporters of SDS, those aged above 66 and those with higher education support the changes, voters of the junior coalition Citizens' List and those aged between 18 and 25 are against them, poll results suggest.

Questions about voters willingness to give up paid lunch break and bonus for years of service yielded more consistent responses, with 79% and 87% of the respondents (respectively) against dropping the two benefits.

Asked weather they support the ruling of the European Court for Human Rights ordering Slovenia to pay compensation to some 26,000 former Yugoslav nationals who had been erased from the permanent residence registry, respondents were split with a third of those asked supporting and another third rejecting the court's ruling.