Posestvo Pule : An Estate with Status


When you find the route to Mokronog in Dolenjska you have basically already dealt with the task of getting to Pule, the romantic plateau amidst the winegrowing hills. The signs are absolutely exemplary and each signpost adorned with a flower pot, with the last one before reaching the estate decorated with symbolic little haystacks. It’s the perfect introduction to the charming character of Pule.
The beginnings of the estate date back to seventeenth century when a mighty farm, owned by the Anderlič family, stood there. The name was first mentioned in the history books in 1627. Back then the farm covered 11 hectares, a massive area for the time. The grandson of the last owner found the ruins of the farm in the beginning of this century – completely by accident. It was love at first sight, says the current estate manager Vesna Virant, who takes us to the convenient museum on our way through the estate. Here we can see the records and photographs of the owner’s ancestors. In the past few years, Jože Anderlič has thoroughly renovated the farm in a manner which consistently respects the heritage of the Slovenian countryside. The works were especially intensive from April 2005 to June 2006 when the estate saw its opening. Today it covers 120 hectares of land, of which 100 are woodland.

Only natural!

One of the many special characteristics of the estate is that everything the eye meets is made of and from natural materials which were found there. Even wood the wood is impregnated exclusively by beeswax. Imagine the amazing scent inside of each of the nine little houses – luxurious apartments which call you to take a rest! The entire estate heats itself with wood chips; biomass which they produce from the trees of nearby forests.
Time here loses its vigour. Among the lush meadows edged by forests, the need to hurry and rush is brought to a halt. After your eyes have seen enough of greenery and your ears have heard enough of birds’ twitter, you can surrender yourself to the pampering in the spa centre. This fantastic facility offers cosmetic services alongside top massages, Turkish and Finnish sauna and both in- and outdoor pools.

A top restaurant in a former barn

And when your stomach starts to rumble after the indulgent spa treatments, you will be met by another surprise. The staff at Pule Estate take particular pride in the culinary delights on offer, with the symphonies of tastes prepared by culinary virtuoso Boštjan Kokalj very hard to forget. The pristine flavours that unite the traditional dishes from the region and the contemporary culinary trends are going to leave you overwhelmed. They will make their way into your memories and leave their mark on your tasting buds. And since the estate is all about authenticity you will be, from a safe distance and from a glass box, observed by stud horses in the Pod skednji (Under the barns) restaurant. After all, that is where you are, right?

Business in nature

The estate is also equipped with a complete business meeting infrastructure. There is no doubt that it is easy to really think about important business decisions in the embrace of nature on an estate where time stops. The estate manager takes you to the top equipped conference hall in the attic where the push of a button lifts the wooden wall and opens up a view over the vast forests of Dolenjska. Could there possibly a person who would not be able to be constructive and creative in all this greenery?

“Yes” for eternity at Pule

And who wouldn’t want to be romantic in such surroundings? “Since our estate is an idyllic setting for weddings, we organise also those with a complete civil ceremony,” says Virant. “However, only one bride at a time can enjoy her special day on our estate,” she emphasises.
It sums up just how dedicated the staff are to making everyone’s visit to Pule a special one.
The estate is opened from Wednesday to Sunday while Monday and Tuesday are reserved for groups which are larger than ten people. In the long run the staff wish to keep the estate open all year round.

Pule Estate
Drečji vrh 16, 8231 Trebelno, Slovenia
Tel: +386 (0)7 34 99 700

Estate: wed-sat: noon-10pm, sun & holidays: 11am-8pm
Spa: wed-sat: 1pm-9pm, sun & holidays: noon-8pm