President calls for unity, cooperation on national holiday

In his message, the president called for unity and cooperation "like the one we witnessed when we founded our country".

He said Slovenians should remember the "great event 27 years ago with pride" and draw inspiration from the independence era enthusiasm, his office said.

The president warned that despite the differences among Slovenians "we must be careful not to let our mutual trust fall below the level that allows us to stay united if historic circumstances demand this".

Pahor also hosted today representatives of beekeepers to celebrate the success of Slovenia's initiative to have the UN General Assembly declare 20 May World Bee Day.

"Big ideas succeed if we strongly believe in them and if we work together," the president said.

He congratulated to Agriculture Minister Dejan Židan and the president of the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association, Boštjan Noč. "Slovenians will be particularly proud on 20 May next year and we have you to thank for that," he said.

Židan and Noč thanked the president for his support in the World Bee Day project.