President highlights coexistence, inclusion in Romani Day address

Murska Sobota – President Borut Pahor emphasises common values, rights and obligations for all, but also the need to appreciate diversity, as he addressed a ceremony on Friday marking International Romani Day.

“We live in a single country, our shared motherland, in which we must take care of each other, respect one another, and appreciate both the shared values and the diversity that enriches us as a multicultural society,” he said.

Noting that harmony and coexistence should be nurtured, not taken for granted, he said everyone had to respect the values on which Slovenia and Europe are built, including protection of human rights, rule of law, peaceful resolution of disputes, and mutual respect.

The president acknowledged there have been improvements when it came to Roma living standards in Slovenia, but said problems should be resolved faster.

He was hopeful that a special government task force dealing with the Roma, which is supposed to adopt operational measures at the national level, would deliver on its promise.