Putin is in lose-lose situation, notes Delo

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo says on Saturday that it seems that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, in his arrogance, is not even aware that he is in a lose-lose situation. If or when Russia succeeds in occupying Ukraine, the latter will be lost to Russia forever, it notes.

What Russia tried to present as reasons for invading Ukraine was another set of excuses and pretence, which seemed even more absurd than what happened eight decades ago when Russia attacked Poland together with Nazi Germany.

” (…) when (if) Russia triumphs on the battlefield, Ukraine is lost to Russia forever. A pro-Russia puppet regime might stay in power for a few weeks, months or even years, but it will come toppling down sooner or later.”

Even in Russia itself, “media propaganda, however brilliant and sophisticated, combined with harsh censorship and various threats, cannot give results.”

“Apparently Putin, in his arrogance, isn’t even aware that he is in a lose-lose situation” as he is watching Kyiv go up in flames with such satisfaction, says the commentary titled Putin Not Aware of Being in Lose-Lose Situation.