Slovenia 22nd in Global Knowledge Index

Ljubljana – Slovenia has placed 22nd among 154 countries in the Global Knowledge Index 2021, released as part of the UN Development Programme to measure countries’ performance in higher education, research, development, economy and information and communication technology.

Announcing the release of the index, the Education Ministry has noted that Slovenia also places 22nd among 61 countries with a very high index of human development. The top three ranked are Switzerland, Sweden and the US.

More detailed indicators show Slovenia above the global average in all levels of education. Slovenia thus ranks 13th among 154 countries at the pre-university level of education, which includes education from pre-school to the end of secondary school. The top three are Finland, Denmark and France.

Slovenia placed 24th in technical and vocational education and training, and 26th in higher education, ranking 25th in research, development and innovation, and 27th in information and communications technology.