Slovenia boosts Olympic medal bonus

Ljubljana – Future Slovenian Olympic, Paralympic, Deaflympic and Chess Olympiad medal winners can look forward to higher medal bonuses as Slovenia has increased monetary rewards for winning a place on the podium in all these competitions. The changes also apply to 2021 Olympic and Paralympic medal winners. EUR 55,000 is now earmarked for taking the gold.

The changes, which became effective on Wednesday, up the gold medal bonus for an athlete competing in individual sports from EUR 31,120 to EUR 55,000, according to the rules on co-funding annual sports programmes at state level.

Those winning silver will get EUR 45,000 and those taking bronze EUR 38,000.

When it comes to group sports, the gold-winning team will get EUR 300,000 (up from EUR 151,710), the second-placed EUR 240,000 (EUR 101,140) and third-placed EUR 210,000 (EUR 62,240).

Earning higher bonuses will not be merely champions and other medal-winning athletes, but also their coaches, who will receive the same amount. Assistant coaches will get the same reward in total as the coach in individual sports, according to the amendments, endorsed by Minister of Education, Science and Sport Simona Kustec.

Under the changes, Slovenian Olympic and Paralympic medal winners in 2021 who have already received the bonuses will be paid out the difference between the amount they got and the reward increase.