Slovenia calls for enhanced multilateralism on UN Day

Ljubljana/Slovenj Gradec – On United Nations Day, Slovenia has called for strengthening of effective and rule-based multilateralism, with the UN playing the primary role based on inseparable connection and mutual complementation of peace, security and development, and on human rights with respect of international law and goals and principles of the UN Charter.

In its message on the occasion, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry added that Slovenia, as the current presiding country of the EU Council, strived for coordination of the UN topics and the four main topics of the EU presidency.

The country also promotes the implementation of the common priorities of the EU, as global challenges can only be tackled together, the ministry added.

United Nations Day, which celebrates the entry into force of the Charter of the United Nations on 24 October 1945, was marked in Slovenia on Friday in Slovenj Gradec, a United Nations Peace Messenger City, with an address by President Borut Pahor.

Pahor said that the UN had the decisive and main role in the modern multilateral regulation of global affairs, adding that Slovenia was strongly committed to multilateralism and the role of the UN in the global legal and political architecture.

The president noted that the fundamental principles of the UN were still very topical today, and that the organisation itself was still modern enough to provide a venue for international dialogue and settlement of burning issues in a peaceful manner.

Pahor added that Slovenia would celebrate next year the 30th anniversary of its UN membership, noting that even before it had joined the organisation, it had adopted all its fundamental principles and values, including the respect of the rule of law.