Slovenia Gradually Cutting Number of Troops in Afghanistan

The Slovenian Armed Forces have been present in Afghanistan since March 2004. So far, almost 1100 troops, including 12 women, have severed there. Their main task is to train Afghani soldiers.

According to the Slovenian army, the 17th contingent that left for Afghanistan about a year ago numbered 88 soldiers, while the next one 78. This time 56 troops are travelling to Afghanistan to assume their duties at the end of April.

The next contingent, which will be deployed in October, will have only 39 members, three of whom will be civilian experts.

The gradual decreasing of the number of soldiers in Afghanistan is in line with international agreements, the Defence Ministry has told the STA.

The new Defence Minister Roman Jakič plans no changes in this respect.

Slovenia's presence in Afghanistan after 2014 will be decided by the government after consultations with the National Assembly. The decision will also be in line with the country's strategy on participation in international missions and operations, the ministry said.