Slovenia supports digital green certificate

Ljubljana, 29 March – Slovenia supports efforts to implement the Digital Green Certificate system for cross-border travel, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek said on Monday as he took part in a virtual informal debate at the invitation of Austrian Minister for Sustainability and Tourism Elisabeth Kostinger.

On 17 March, the European Commission unveiled a legal basis for this temporary measure to allow safer and free movement within the EU. The system would cover three different types of Covid-19 certificates – a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test result, or a certificate of Covid-19 recovery.

Austria held today’s debate of EU ministers in charge of tourism to step up decision making and efforts to adopt the legal basis for the system’s implementation, the Slovenian Economy Ministry said in a press release.

Slovenia supports a joint approach by the EU to launch the system as well as the Commission’s efforts to come up with the implementing legislation and technical solutions, Počivalšek was quoted as saying by the ministry.

The country also approves of cooperation with third countries, especially candidates for EU membership, and cooperation on international level to seek joint solutions to ensure safe global mobility and restoration of international travel.

Given that Covid has had a major impact on global mobility and economy, particularly tourism, Slovenia believes that the green certificate would represent an important step towards the resumption of safe cross-border travel and contribute to the recovery of tourism.

Slovenia’s tourism relies heavily on foreign guests, so green-lighting the system and its interoperability is key for the country. “Slovenia seeks to introduce the Digital Green Certificate even before the summer,” said Počivalšek.

The debate was attended by representatives of twelve EU member states who support the launch of the system.