Slovenian Red Cross sends 55 tonnes of food to Ukraine

Ljubljana/Uzhhorod – Six trucks organised by the Slovenian Red Cross delivered 55 tonnes of food and 25,000 litres of water to war-stricken Ukrainians at the end of last week. The aid package will provide 40,000 meals for babies and 112,000 meals for adults, the organisation said in a press release on Wednesday.

With help from the German humanitarian organisation CARE Germany the aid was delivered to Uzhhorod in the west of Ukraine and then on to Kharkiv, Sumy and other cities in the east, where it will be distributed in particular to those who had to leave their homes.

An additional 20,000 litres of water had been sent by the Slovenian Red Cross to Ukraine in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, another 1,000 food packages worth EUR 40,000 were donated to Ukraine by courtesy of Binance Charity. The international blockchain charity foundation entrusted the execution of the donation to Truhoma, a platform founded and led by Slovenian entrepreneur Ana Lukner Roljić, which uses blockchain record-keeping to secure transparency.