Slovenian second team beats first team at chess championship

Čatež ob Savi – The Slovenian men’s second team surprisingly defeated the first team 2.5:1.5 in the open competition at the European Team Chess Championship on Tuesday. The Slovenian women’s second team was also successful yesterday, beating Iceland 3.5:0.5.

The Slovenian men’s second team now has a total of six points and is currently 17th overall, overtaking the team of grand masters, who remained at four points and dropped to the 24th spot among the 39 participating national teams.

The Slovenian women’s second team was also better than the second team, but not in a head-to-head encounter, as the former demolished Iceland 3.5:0.5, while the latter lost to Israel 1.5:2.5.

Slovenia 1 remained with three points and is 25th, while Slovenia 2 earned its first win yesterday and holds four points and the 21st spot. Russia remains in the lead among the 31 women’s teams, having beaten Italy yesterday to keep the maximum number of points.

The Russian men’s team also climbed to the top of the rankings after playing out four draws with Azerbaijan, the second-seeded team that until them was in the lead. Ukraine is in the third spot after beating Georgia 2.5:1.5.

Today is a day off in Čatež, with the competition resuming on Thursday.