Slovenia’s flood response unit included in European rapid response pool

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s High Capacity Pumping unit (SI HCP) has been included in the European Civil Protection Pool of capacities capable of immediate deployment inside or outside the EU as the second such Slovenian unit after being certified by the European Commission.

Slovenia is thus joining other countries that have already committed such flood response capabilities. The SI HCP unit will be able to be deployed within 12 hours after the activation of the pool, the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration said in a press release.

The administration says the unit is fully self-sufficient, capable of securing energy for own deployment, equipment storage and maintenance, ICT technology, shelter, sanitary capacities, food and water and health care for its members and staff.

The unit could be deployed for seven days without interruption or up to three weeks involving rotations.

Involving an introductory visit and practical exercise, the certifying process was completed at the international flood response exercise in Romania in October.

Even before the project was concluded, the unit obtained a certificate from the European Commission to become the second internationally certified unit in civil protection, rescue and aid after the CaveSAR EU CP Unit, the cave rescue service unit, which already obtained the certificate back in 2018.