Slovenia’s joblessness declines further

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s jobless total fell further in September with only 66,122 people registered with the Employment Service, 4.6% fewer than the month before and a fifth (21.1%) fewer than a year ago.

The service registered 4,616 newly unemployed in September, a fifth more than in August and 29% fewer than a year ago.

Most, 2,345, lost work because their fixed-term job contracts expired, their number rising by 22% over the month before. The number of first-time job seekers more than doubled to 652, while 37 lost their jobs in bankruptcies and 509 were made redundant.

Out of the 7,786 people struck out of the unemployment registry, 5,708 found a job or became self-employed, which is 75.5% more than in August but almost 30% fewer than in September 2020.

The inflow into joblessness dropped substantially in the nine months to the end of September; 44,863 registered with the Employment Service anew, 39.6% fewer than in the same period a year ago.

Most of those, 24,429, registered after their fixed-term contracts expired, 3,497 were first-job seekers and 8,606 were redundancies, including as a result of company failures. Year-on-year, the figures were down by roughly a third for the first two categories and by as much as 60% for redundant workers.

In the same period, 66,024 people were removed from the unemployment registry, 49,510 of them because they got a job or became self-employed, which is 1.9% fewer than a year ago.

Employers reported 15,504 vacancies in September, 0.7% more than in August and 17.6% more than a year ago.

The latest registered unemployment rate, available for July, was at 7.3%, level with the month before but 1.9 percentage points lower from July 2020. The rate was 8.3% for women and 6.4% for men. It stood highest in Murska Sobota (9.5%), and lowest in Kranj (4.9%).