Slovenia’s Nuša Lampe the first female appointed Vice-President of Slovenian Judo Federation

Judo is traditionally men's world, however women have been appointed to the top positions in recent decades, especially in the professional and organizational Judo level due to The International Olympic Committee had put forth a goal in 2005 that all sports association’s board members be composed of 20% women.

Nuša Lampe is the only Slovenian female international Judo referee, formerly successful competitor, who participated in the organization of numerous Judo competitions of the highest rank, including of Olympic Judo Tournament London 2012. She is also a member of various expert committees within JZS and the director of Judo Club Golovec from Ljubljana. She has successfully represented Slovenian Judo as a female referee in the recent years on national and international tatami.

"As a Vice-President of JZS I will strive to raise the professional departments of Judo which I cover as among others: traineeship, organization of Judo competitions and Comitee for kata. In addition, I want to achieve for Judo to become a successful sport for people with disabilities in Slovenia, and to make the representation of women in Judo, especially at the professional level grow. In Judo Club Golovec where we work with young judoka we have also noticed that the representation of girls compared with boys and men is still weak, that is why Judo Golovec Team has worked strongly on the promotion of gender equality in Judo among children, " she said.

Foto: Nicolas Messner